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Welcome to your business’ new powerhouse

Cognizant’s delivery Center in Vilnius

Vilnius delivery center

Vilnius’ vigor can transform your business and speak your language

Yet another offshore center? Nope. In Cognizant’s Baltics-based delivery center for Business Process Services (BPS) you have it all: operational advantages paired with cultural context, language skills, and superior service.
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How we work

Close to you, close to clients, close to business

Distance matters. Cognizant Baltics and its 400+ employees have since 2007 not only delivered services in Scandinavian languages, but also improved clients’ processes, over and over again. The key? Dedicated people who understands the business in your region. This is how we do it:

Our services

Achieve more, perform better, do new things—we make it happen

With 9 years of experience Cognizant Lithuania provides efficient and high quality support for all fields of operations and IT to Scandinavian Finance and Insurance businesses.

Our focus is on long term competency development and training of our employees. The unique combination of IT and BPS and our continuous focus on improvements through automation, robotics and process optimization make us the leading delivery center of business challenges working in Norwegian, Swedish, Danish and English.

The end customer is at the core of what we do. We focus on excellent execution and continuous improvements along the whole customer journey.

delivery advantages

How can shared operations and Cognizant’s expertise help you?

It’s tough out there. Competitors with smart business models, high client expectations, and an ever-changing technology landscape continue to set new challenges, while daily commitments, strict regulations, and legacy systems act as constant hurdles. Overcome these obstacles and realize your true potential by teaming up with Cognizant’s Vilnius team.

Our Vilnius team solves complex business challenges through well-established and proven processes. Partnering with us ensures greater efficiency, higher quality of work, and the constant improvement of processes. All this will drive your digital transformation, and pave the way for increased customer satisfaction.


Service center experts share their thoughts

How far can we reach when it comes to efficient, smart and cost-effective solutions for service centers? How can we deliver the service, knowledge and linguistic ability, which fully meets the demanding customer’s expectations of service? And how can you at the same time achieve significant cost savings? What is the analysis behind the decisions, and how can a shared service center become a strategic approach for a more efficient digitalization process?

Find out more about how other companies are facing these challenges by viewing the recording from our event on Next Generation Shared Services.


Telia's customer focus

CHARLOTTA GAMNIS, Head of Service Management at Telia, says that customer satisfaction should be no. 1 focus. Why? Because it is your customers and stakeholders that actually promote your business. To achieve it, you need to measure customer satisfaction, follow up on feedback, establish a support concept, and continuously improve. But remember: even if it is a lot about technology and processes, it is still a peoples’ business, making employee satisfaction a fundamental building block to succeed.

A new way to work Storebrand

HEIDI SKAARET, COO at Storebrand, took part in establishing the center in Vilnius from the very start. In 2015, Storebrand decided to take the services to a new level via Cognizant, in order to enhance customer experience and achieve cost-efficiency. Now, Storebrand enjoys a wide range of services from Cognizant in Vilnius. Heidi describes it as an accelerator for cost reductions, digitization and innovation, allowing Storebrand to come closer to customers, market and growth opportunities.

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